Shipping Report

Shipping report 09:

13.10.09#Ship out to cahilla, Track No. RE626760209TH > Posten
01.10.09#Ship out to maol, Track No. RE571731523TH > USPS
20.08.09#Ship out to tonipallets, Track No. RE626636572TH > USPS
19.08.09#Ship out to
Alejandra, Track No. RD605275272TH > Correos de México
06.08.09#Ship out to
Wylfdene, Track No. RE626636192TH > Canada Post
24.07.09#Ship out to Syrendell - Tan Family, Track No. RD550093349TH > USPS
14.07.09#Ship out to
eireannach, Track No. RE214652197TH > USPS
13.06.09#Ship out to dbhwrite, Track No. RE504601579TH > USPS
11.06.09#Ship out to
msnana, Track No. RD605274144TH > USPS
Shipping Policies:
Ships out schedule:
Every Tuesday,Thusday and Friday.

Shipping System :
Thai shipping system.

Duration :
It take about 5-20days to receive the goods, depends on the destination.
But If you don't receive something in 30 days, please convo me.

For Package:
Every parcel is registered and trackable. I'll inform you the track no. after the goods is ship out. I also enclose you the picture of the goods that i pack and put in the box at the post office before i'll send it to you.

You can track your goods 2weeks after ship out. In case that you recieved the goods earlier than than,please let me know too ^^

Other Requier:
For Express Shipping, Please convos me.

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