How to Make a Demin Tote Bag

I made this tote bag last year and some of my viewers like it,they req me for making the tute of it. So i make me new demin tote bag coz the old one is dead...lol...Here's the tute if you wanna make yrself a deimn tote bag ^^ (Sorry for my poor Eng)

Left : my new demin tote bag..it quite big size 18inch by 16 inch

Right : Actually i made it for sale on my etsy but my aunt already bought it :(

What You'll Need:
• Fusible interfacing
• Iron
• Lining fabric (light and heavy)
• 2 pair of old jeans
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Sewing machine
• Straight pins
• Thread
• a bit sewing skill ^^

Prepare the fabric:
1. Start by cutting your jeans apart. First Cut the legs off,then you will get yourself a short too ^^...

2. Cut along the seam line...keep it for the handles of the bag.

3. Inseam the waist band and the pockets.

4. Now you will get 4 pieces. See which side of the fabric would you like to use. Then fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.(If you couldnt find the interfacing fabric,just skip this part coz the result is come out the same way but the fabric may run out more easier,that's all)
Facing Wrong side together
Iron it

5. After fusing,then cut it into pieces,about 1" wild. You may need to measure it but im too lazy..so i measure by eyes :P

6. Cut rectangle of 2 lining light fabric and 2 heavy fabric : Size Depends on your need ^^ I usually measure from the waist of the jean then devide by 2 = ? - 1inch = Wild of the tote bag. For this one w15" x h16"

7. All we need is here..Let's sewing!!

Let's Sewing:

1. Design the coloring of the bag...Place it on the light linging fabric to get the idea or the look of it and how many piece of the cotton we have to use per side.

2. Then sew it with the lining fabric piece by piece. Each piece over lap each other about 1cm...for both side.

3. After you finish No.2 ..then turn ir back and cut the fabric it as you see in the picture. Now you get the outter fabric.

4. Draw the pattern on the fabric both outter and linging. Then sew along the line.

5. Square the corners both outter and linign fabric. With the tote inside-out, fold the bag with the bottom seam aligned with one side seam. Stitch a 2-inch seam allowance across the short raw edge to close the bag. Repeat on the second corner.Then Turn it inside-out.

6. Attach the pocket wherever would you like it to be.

7. Insert the lining. Turn the tote right-side out. Insert the lining into the bag so that the wrong sides are together. Then sew it together.

8. Attach the waist band on top of the tote bag.

9. Attach the handles.

Tada...Now you get yourself a deims tote bag from old jean. Easy huh?



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