The Dress - Korean Look Alikes

Here's my last week-end projects which i'll sell in my etsy shop. The combination of Tank Top and Skirt turn to a dress in korean style. Because its Korean fever here in thailand or K-fever,we receives various influences from Korea including K-fashion style too. Let's see my work!

Tank Dress = Tank + Skirt

I saw this dress in a korean website.It look really cute on the model. It only a simple Tank Top with a cute printed on skirt make this tank dress so cute!! I made the skirt myself,i love the printed which i bought it last year...I comblinated the top and skirt with elastic thread,also saw along the hip too. The result as you can see from the picture.

T-Smock Dress = Tank + Smock Dress

One of my fave Dress that i ever seen in K-website. It look super cute and sweet. Besides that its very easy to make too. I only saw the top and smock dress together. Here I got a lovely T-Smock Dress. I hope you guys will like my works ^^ Thank for viewing..Comments are welcome ^^


Romper – Sewing Projects | BurdaStyle.com

This romper i made for my aunt…She had been asking me to copy her fave romper that she bought it a few months ago. Here’s the romperthat i made,it may not fix well with my model coz my aunt is alittle bit taller and clubbier than her. I’ll show you the picture of my aunt wearing my romper later ^^

My first time working on Chiffon cotton,I have to say that it s alittle bit hard for me to draw the pattern and sewing on it. The short made from my aunt old dress.

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The gift is ship out

Eco Friendly Bag Giving Away ^^

I just ship out the gift to my first facebook fan page this morning ^^
I was so excited when i saw her name in my fan lists. So i giving away my Eco - Friendly bag to thank her for being my fan...kkkk ^^.... I hope that she gonna love it.

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Shop UpDate 11.08.09

Here's what i added to my shop this week. Check it out!

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Shop UpDate 02.08.09

Here's what i added to my shop this week. Check it out!

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Mother's Gift and Thank You Gift

From My previous post. Here's my Product for Mother's Day...

Daughters & Sons : Aroma Sock sachet dolls,aromatic fragrance of Jasmin

Thank You Gift",my brother in-law asked me to make these couple Sock Dolls - aromatic fragrance of Lavender for his co-work. She's a Club DJ,so I added da Headphone..lol..But its not look like headphone at all...lol..

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